Transforming Lives: Empowerment through Education
Dear Esteemed Donors and Philanthropists,
While we are bidding farewell to the 2023 academic year in Thailand this February, we are also saying hello to academic year 2024 and to the start of the shortlisting process for new and old less fortunate students who will receive educational scholarships.
Some 9,658 underprivileged students from over 1,200 schools nationwide will be earmarked to receive EDF scholarships in the academic year 2024.
Since July 1, 2023, EDF has been raising scholarship donations for the 2024 academic year to ensure as many aspiring scholars as possible can receive the support they need.
As of February 2024, we have so far garnered support for 4,597 scholarships: 4,260 scholarships for lower secondary students, 174 for upper secondary/vocational school students, 112 for students with disabilities enrolled in regular co-educational schools, and 51 for orphans affected by the unrest in three southern border provinces.
Our mission is to raise additional 5,061 scholarships to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of all 9,658 scholarship candidates by June 30, 2024.
Please allow us to share with you the compelling life stories of some students among the 9,658 awaiting for scholarship support for the upcoming academic year.
Meet Chutikan, a middle school student from Amnat Charoen province, who lives with her elderly grandparents. Kademanee, a student from Ubon Ratchathani province, who, despite having only one fully functional arm and hand, has never allowed her condition to limit her potentials to pursue normal education. Ratchapruk, an exceptional high school student from Buriram province, does tutoring to help pay for her education. Tawanchai, from Surin province, diligently helps his mother collect recyclables to make both ends meet as he eagerly awaits a scholarship for vocational education. Lastly, Nazeefa, a high school girl from Narathiwat province, who lost her father due to the unrest in the southern border provinces of Thailand.
With over 36 years of dedicated work in enhancing children's education and schools in remote rural areas of Thailand, we understand that "poverty" extends beyond financial constraints and encompasses various aspects of life, including access to resources, rights, career opportunities, and educational opportunities.
Your generous support is not merely a means to alleviate financial burdens - it is a beacon of hope and an empowering for these underprivileged students to break free from the shackles of poverty that have bounded them since birth.
We earnestly seek your assistance in sponsoring at least one underprivileged student through the EDF Foundation. The window for scholarship donations for the 2024 academic year will remain open until June 30, 2024.
You can contribute through the EDF Foundation via its website at, make a bank transfer or download the EDF Donation Form here.
Should there be any inquiry or further details required about your donation, about sponsored students or additional support you wish to provide, please feel free to reach us at [email protected], Line: @edfthai, or call +662-579-9209 to 11 (Monday-Friday from 09.00-16.30 hrs).

Respectfully yours,
Sunphet Nilrat
EDF Managing Director



  1. EDF is a registered charitable organization No.255, All donation can be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by Thai law.
  2. The donation period for the school year 2024 starts from July 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2024
The donation can be made by money transfer to the following Thailand's local banks (Account Name "The Education for Development Foundation or EDF Foundation)"
SCB   Ngamwongwan Branch  Acc No. 319-2-77744-8
BBL  Bang Khen Branch  Acc No. 161-4-56698-0
KBank  Bang Khen Branch  Acc No. 070-2-45369-0
TTB  Kasetsart Univ. Branch  Acc No. 069-2-41110-1
KrungThai  Phaholyothin40 Branch  Acc No. 980-7-59891-5

Please kindly supply us your fund transfer evidence and donor's details to  [email protected] for issuing tax exempted donation receipt.
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