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Kasemwat (Guy), 13, Grade7, Surin Province, EDF Scholarship Candidates for School Year 2020
When his sister could not pursue her dream in continuing higher education and had to quit school, Kasemwat or Guy, 13, a grade 7 student from Surin province, is worrying about his education future. He does not know how long his mother could support him to go to school due to the financial difficulties of his family.

Kasemwat is now living with his mother and another elder sister in a poor conditioned house. Also, his mother has to take care the unhealthy grandparents living nearby in the village. 
His mothe lives from hand to mouth and earn for a living by selling grilled eggs, grilled corns and steamed meat balls on the street or at the night markets. The income is not that much and sometimes getting lost if there are not many customers.

Kasemwat (Guy), 13 with his mom and sister who just quit school to help mon earn for a living.
His elder sister, after quit the school, helps the mother prepare and sell the grilled eggs and at the same time looking for a job by sending job applucations to many places. So far, none is calling her for the interview or start working.

Kasemwat always accompanies his mom and help her sell grilled eggs and steamed meatballs at the night market.
Kasemwat, always acoompanies his mother to sell grilled eggs in many places and markets and he told us that "Sometimes, my mom has to stop selling grilled eggs due to less people buying it. Just recently, there was an Elephant show event of the province that lasted for 15 days and my mom got a chance to seel food overthere that helped us a lot because a lot of people and tourists in this event. After the event, my mom and I need to stroll around the street to sell those grilled eggs as usual."

Kasemwat loves playing soccer and becomes a player of school's soccer team. He dreams of being a professional soccer player.
Besides studying, Kasemwat is also talented in playing soccer and became an Under 14-Year soccer player of his school team. He dreams of being a professional soccer player someday if he has an opportunity to do so.

Kasemwat told us about his hope in the future that "If I could get an education support, I will try my best in studying and be a good child along with practicing my soccer skills to pursue my dream. I know well that being a professional soccer player is not easy and has to spend a lot of effort in practicing hard, but if any opportunity arises, I will not hesitate to grab it. I also realise that my studying performace is just average, but I will try harder to finish lower secondary school (Grade9) so that I can continye onto vocational education in electrician because getting a job is easier and faster if I choose studying in vocational school and I really need a shortcut to help support my family."

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