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Panyawut (Petch), 12, EDF Scholarship Applicant School Year 2022, Maha Sarakham province
Panyawut (Petch), age 12 years
Grade 6, Ban Na Fai School, Maha Sarakham Province
Apply for a scholarship to study in junior high school (Grade 7-9), Academic Year 2022
Sawad-dee krab, my name is Panyawut and my nickname is Petch. I am a grade 6 student at Ban Na Fai School in Maha Sarakham Province. 
Currently, I am living with my grandparents and parents. My family's main occupation is farming. My father also works as irregular worker where the job is not available

every day. Rice farming gives very low income and gets even worse during drought. Low yields, the high cost of farming and low selling price of rice caused us to become in debt.


Panyawut and his grandfather who live together
with grandmother and parents.


Every day, from Monday to Friday, I wake up very early because I have to walk to school while on weekends, I help with the chores such as cleaning the house, washing dishes and washing my clothes to lighten my mom's workloads.
When COVID-19 came, the income from my father's jobs has been much less, but the expenditures are still the same. Therefore we have to borrow money from relatives resulting in increasing debt. As a result, my parents have to work harder. Therefore, I try to help with small things. 
I had felt envious at times seeing my friends playing games on their mobile phones and having time hanging out with other friends. I sometimes feel discouraged too, but never for long at any given time. Seeing how my parents work so hard and do not give up on life is enough to get me out of my self-pity.
I want to be a policeman. It is stable and allows me to help people at the same time. 
I like Physical Education subject in school. My hobbies are reading books and playing sports. 
I want a scholarship because I want to complete my education, at least until bachelor's degree, and fulfil my dream of becoming a police officer. I want to help the country and make people to have better life. I want to make my family happier than they are now. Please help and support me. Thank you very much.

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