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Beau’s dream
Atittaya Sawisai (Beau) is a student grade 6.  She is study at Barnlearngka School, Roied province.  When a childhood her parents abandoned, then she stays with her grandmother and uncle who disabled  person. 

She never see her father and her mother.  Moreover, she don’t have any pictures of her family.
In the daily life her grandmother and uncle bring up her but her parents never send money to support.  She has a few farms to plant rice.  Once in a long while, there is somebody to hire her uncle for working.  Because he has a deformed arm.  Most income comes from living allowance of the old man and disabled person.  The two incomes are amount 1000 bath.  About Beau, she has a poison thyroid symptom at her neck.  It becomes a little swollen so she has to be worn out regularly.
From the flood since September-November 2011, her house had flood.  It has a high level about 1 metre.  So she and her family can’t stay in her house.  About her farm, there were a little vegetable and rice that were flooded.  Then they moved and stay with a neighbour who has not get the flood.  She got a relief bag from the local organization.

Her family is include her uncle who has a disabled arm, grandmother and Beau

On November 2011, we have visited Beau.  The level of water was decreased but the disaster of them was less than her farm and vegetable garden.  It seem to be like a food source of her family.  In addition, rice seed and vegetable seed that keep in her house were also flooded.

Beau and her grandmother pointed a level of water that has a high level inside her house until they had moved to her neighborhood for 3 months.

Beau said “ I am sympathize with my grandmother and uncle.  Both of them have a poverty-stricken.  This situation was to affect for my family.  We nearly have not anything.  My grandmother told me that, next year we hardly have rice for eating.  If we want to plant rice, we won’t have.  Important thing, we can’t lent money.  Because my grandma is an old woman and my uncle is disabled person too.  Then none people give money for us.”

Her teacher told us about Beau “ Beau is a good child.  She saved money.  Although she got 5 bath per day.  She kept 2-3 bath for her grandmother to cure if a grandma  was ill.  Almost Beau will be helping in the activities of  school.  Beside that Beau is an actress of “Ponglarng band” and is representative of school for showing at any places.  When she got money from the exhibition, she send money to her grandma.”
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