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Care's Dream of Better Future
Since dad has to work hard in the factory and go back home very late at night almost everyday, Care or Siriwan Chaimeun, 14, an 8th grader from Rayong province and her 9-year brother, named Nice, rarely have chance to meet and talk with their dad like other children. Her dad got cataract in his eye, however, he has to work so hard to earn enogh income to support lots of family expenses and support his kids’ education.

Care told us that “I really feel sympathy with my dad because he works with hardship and tiredmess everyday. Sometimes, when we have no money, dad has to borrow from the others for our daily allowances at school.”

Care’s elder brother, aged 19, had to drop out his lower secondary school many years ago and now working as low-pay menial worker to help earn more income for the family.
Care also needs to find the part-time job after school to help earn more income but the problem is her little brother  is still too young and needs someone to take care after school. Therefore, Care and her little brother always go straight home after school and do all the house hold chores for her dad. Many times that the sister and brother have to sleep with empty stomach because no money left in the house to afford any foods.

Care told us about her dream for better future that “I am not sharp and my academic performance is not that good comparing to other classmates. My dad always teaches me to study harder but I do not obey him. Until one day, we have nothing to eat and starving, so, I realize the importance of education. Now, I decide to restart my life by concentrating more on my study and obey my dad and teachers. I dream to be a teacher so that I could help teach other less fortunate students just like me.”

EDF strongly hopes that Care's story could well represent the “Hope” and “Dream” for better future of other 2,531 less fortunte students that still awaiting for scholarship support in this school year 2014.

Care or Siriwan Chaimeun, 14 years and her little brother, Nice, 9 years
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