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Interview with Dr. Thongchai Cheewpreecha

Thongchai Cheewpreecha PhD is the Director of Mahidol Wittayanusorn School, Nakornprathom province, which is now set to have activities for students in high school who have special capabilities in Science, Mathematics and Technology. The aim is to meet the world standard and develop students to have the heart and soul of a researcher, thinker and developer who have the moral principle, behavioral conduct and responsibility for the society.

Interview with Dr. Thongchai Cheewpreecha
Introducing EDF’s New Board Member
Thongchai Cheewpreecha PhD.
Director of Mahidol Wittayanusorn School

“I had the opportunity to know EDF for more than 10 years while I was a Director of IPST, The institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, and I coordinated with EDF in introducing the abacus teaching skill system (ABACUS) to Thailand for developing Thai students’ mathematics skill. I tried to study the operation of EDF since, and agreed that EDF is the organization which has direction to help and develop children who lack opportunity. I decided to accept to be one of the Board of Directors for EDF.”


“I would like everybody to understand that education for children in the present time is not limited just inside the square classroom. The society is also the precedence for children to start learning since they mostly spend their time learning from adults in the society. Moreover, I would like everybody to look at education as an investment, the same as investing in properties. When somebody invests in something, he/she can get the benefit for his/her entire life and also leave knowledge for the next generation, such as if we invested to support one of the smart kids to research and use his intelligence to help Thai farmers increase rice production by double or triple while using the same budget.”

“One of the reasons that make Thais poor is that we cannot produce value-added products. Think about farmers spending 3-4 months and using a lot of land to turn dirt to rice, and selling it just as rice. To modify our product to have more value, we need wit to help create value-added in our production. Since we cannot use another, we have to create it by ourselves. Therefore, we have to create 2 groups of people, a creative group and a user group. In the meantime, we must develop the education to have a common goal of love the country and work for the society more than themselves. Now everybody only looks into their own benefit as a major factor, and as long as society still has somebody who is smarter and takes advantage of others who have less opportunity, it will cause coveting like now.

At last, I would like everybody in the society to help think how all children can equally receive education. Education is very important, we should not leave it for the government only but we should help or invest in the country’s education more. As if there is an investment, there will be a benefit which will have a long term result for our country. I would like to persuade everyone to invest in developing our country. Those who have more, invest more and those who have less, invest less, as enough to help the society if you would like the next generation to receive a good education.”

(We would like to thank our new volunteers, Khun Mod & Daniel O'Connell, for kindly translating and proofreading the article for us.)

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