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From the Loss to the Giver
This May, EDF had a chance to meet and interview with Fadilah Sae Ngao, 15 years girl, now studying in grade 10 at Thammawittaya Suksa School, Yaha Sub-district, Yala Province together with her mother, Ms. Yindi Sae Ngao, 46 years. Fadila is one of EDF scholarship students who lost her father from the unrest in the deep south of Thailand and she came to Bangkok with her mother as a representative to receive scholarship grants on behalf of other affected students 1 3 Sothernmost provinces of Thailand.
Fadilah’s father was shot dead by the attackers when she was in grade 1 and her mother has been the only one who raise up 5 chlldren alone with hardship. Ms. Yindi, Fadilah’s mother, reminds about what happened in the past that 
“My husband was once shot by the attackers but he could survive and after that he was always fully aware of everything around him. But the unexpected situation inevitably happened again while he was driving a car to work and the attackers came to shot him dead. I accepted that I was very scared and sorrow after he passed away. I was afraid that they would come back to kill my children and me. It took almost 2 years for me to relieve this pain and sorrow and getting better. I decided to sell almost every assets that we have in order to support 5 of my children ‘s education. I admitted that I felt hopeless and discouraged without my husband by my side, but that’s the children who pick me up again. I then regain my conscious that how the 5 kids could alive and grow up if I did not do anything. The only bequest I can leave to my children and it will remain with them forever is “Education”. Education will help them live their lives and also help others. Therefore, no matter how hardship I face, I will try my best to support my children’s education.”

Ms.Yindi Sae Ngao, 46 years (Left) and Fadilah Sae Ngao, 15 years (Right)
Today, Ms. Yindi has her small fruit garden and do some odd jobs with the mothly income around 4,500 Baht and she also has an important responsibility to work for rehabilitation program for women and families who lost their loved ones from the unrest in Yala province. Only in Yaha Sub-districts there are over 200 affected families that need rehabilitation and support.
Ms. Yindi also added that Moral support is very important for the family who unexpectedly lost their loved ones from the unrest. I am glad that I can use my experiences to help them cure up their losses and sorrows. I always share my experiences on how I could survive and pass that painful situation and guide them to contact with agencies and organizations that provide aids and support for the affected people ”

For Fadilah, she is one of EDF scholarship student in this school year 2013 and the 3rd daughter of Ms. Yindi. She is a good and clever girl and love to study mathematics and sciences. She told us about her dream that “I strongly promise to myself that I have to be a doctor when I grow up because I feel guilty that when my dad was shot, I did not have a chance to cure him. If I am a doctor, I will cure everyone who get sick or wounded”

Nowadays, Ms. Yindi and 5 of her children still live in Yaha sub-district, Yala province. Even though the unrest still remains but they insist to live there because at least they can be the courage to other people who live together in the affected areas and also have chance to help the others who are affected from the unrest just like their family.
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