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Noi's Dream for Better Life
After the parents got divorced, Noi or Pornchanok Panka, 14, an 8th grader from Rayong Province, had been staying with her single mother who earned for a living by collecting recycled wastes. Everyday after school, shel also helped her mon collecting waste and sell to the recycle factory.

Recently, her mom remarried with a new husband and got a new child. Her mom then decided to accompany her husband together with the new child and move to find better job in another province and left Noi to her elderly grandparents who could afford only few daily income from selling food for workers in the nearby industrial Park.

Noi always helps her grandparents prepare things for sale until late at night and wakes up early at 3.00 am to cook all the foods that her grandparents need to bring for sale in the morning.
Noi told us that “Every weekends, I usually help my grandparents selling food in the industrial park. My parents are  now too old. I really feel sympathy to them because they hardly have enogh time to take a rest. But if we do not struggle to earn for a living, we could not survive.”

Further to help her grandparents selling food, every morning at school, Noi also earns some daily allowance by herself by plait the hair in different styles for her friends and help her teacher make the handicraft for school activities. Therefore, Noi has been loved by all her friends and teachers at school.

Noi told us about her dream that “I dream to be a beautician in the future, but I promise that I will study hard to complete my secondary school first so that I can have better future like others do. If I could have my own beauty salon, I will earn and save up as much money as possible to buy a new house for my mom and my grandparents”

EDF strongly hopes that Noi's story could well represent the “Hope” and “Dream” for better life of other 2,531 less fortunte students that still awaiting for scholarship support in this school year 2014.

Noi or Pornchanok Panka, 14. and her grandfather at home

Noi with her grandfather and home room teacher in front of her grandparents' house

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