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"A Little Guide"
Parn or Rattikarn Phukaew, 13, a 7 grader at Ban Rai Thong Khoon School, Nakorn Ratchasima province, is one among 7,259 students that were awarded with EDF scholarship in this school year 2014. 
She is now living with her mother and a little sibling in an old wooden house in the village. Parn’s father divorced with her mother many years ago and never gets in touch with her again since then. Her mom then becomes the only breadwinner of the family with the daily wage of 200 Baht from the menial job. 
Having no father never makes Parn feel inferior because she knows well that the most important things in her life at this moment is only trying her best on studying and she could maintain good academic achievement in every semester. Moreover, she is a kind and cheerful girl and loved by all her friends. She also loves to learn English and play volleyball at school.
Besides helping her mother with chores and baby-sit, Parn also works part time in the weekends as “a little guide” at the Museum of Luang Phor Khoon Parisuttho at Wat Ban Rai Temple, located 1 kilometer away from her home. In order to be a little guide, Parn had to pass the proficiency test to ensure that she knows well about the museum history and Buddhism knowledge. Parn has been working as a little guide for more than 1 year and earns 200 Baht a day.
Parn told us about her experience of being a little guide that “In addition to the extra income that I could earn to help release the financial burden of my family, this job makes me realize the importance of learning Thai and English language; especially when foreigners come to visit the museum. I wish to speak English very well so that I could explain and communicate with them in English”


Parn while working as a little guide at the Museum of Luang Phor Khoon Parisuttho

Despite she has to work at the weekends and have no free time to enjoy playing around like other children, but Parn feels so proud that she could help earn extra income to support her poor family.
Parn also felt thankful for her sponsor who gave her a chance to study and mentioned that “I would like to thank my scholarship sponsor who gave me such a great education opportunity. I promise to study hard and spend the scholarship fund wisely for my education so that my family and I will have brighter future.


Parn or Rattikarn Phukaew, 13, with her house that she is living with her mother
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