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Wun's back to school again
EDF once published a story of "Wun" or Kitinan Siriseusuwan, a 12-year boy from Buriram in late 2015, when he was in grade 6. At that time, he was a candiate for EDF scholarship. (Read Wun's story in 2015)
But today, he became one of EDF scholarship recipients in this school year 2016. He is now studying in grade 7 at Ban Lam Nangrong School in None Dindaeng District, Buriram Province.
Wun described about his life before granted with scholarship that “My dad passed away when I was just 1 year old and my mom remarried and abandoned me with my grandmother who is a poor menial worker. I am left to stay alone at home very often because my grandmother has to find a job in another province. When I have nothing to eat, I have to cut class to do menial jobs to earn for a living. I am frequently absent from school until I could not catch up with my friends. Finally, my homeroom teacher visited my home and she then realized my problem. Therefore, she applied me for EDF scholarship.”
After receiving scholarship support, Wun is still staying with the same old house with his grandmother and live his normal life, but the one big difference is that he is no longer forced by hunger to cut class to earn for a living during school time which makes him learn more wisely and happily at school. Additionally, his scholarship sponsor also gave him a new bicycle so that he can enjoy riding to school everyday.


Wun with his teachers at school and a new bicycle given by his sponsor.
Wun told us how he felt when granted with scholarship and expressed his thank to his scholarship sponsor that “I felt very glad when my teacher told me that I got a scholarship from a kind sponsor from EDF. I would like to say big thanks to my sponsor and also for such a stunning bicycle. I promise to study hard to make my teacher, grandmother and scholarship sponsor proud of me. I will spend the scholarship fund wisely for my education.

Although EDF scholarship seems not much in value, but for needy students like Wun, it is truly helpful in release the burden on schooling expenses and gives him encouragement and hope for a brighter future.

In this school year 2016, thousands others like Wun live in poverty and misery, and for many of them, they are in risk of dropping out school just because they are poor. You can be the one to help them. Support a Child Today!

Wun and his old and torn sneakers that he has been wearing to school for many years.

Wun asked his teacher to bring him to buy new pairs of sneakers
after getting the scholarship
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