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Kroo Daorueang Sawangsaeng, Former EDF Scholarship Student (1995-1997)
A former EDF scholarship student from a poor family dreamt to be a teacher, break her family’s cycle of poverty and contribute to the education of the underprivileged children in the rural area.
Ms. Daorueang Sawangsaeng, an English teacher at Ban Nong Chum School in Pa Tiew District in Yasothon Province and a former EDF scholarship student from 1995-1997, told us she had saved some of her scholarship money for Mattayom Sueksa 1-3 class to help pay for her high-school tuition fee at Kham Khuean Kaew Chanupatham School in Yasothon province.
“Without that saving from the scholarship, I might not have been be able to continue my study,” she said.

Daorueang Sawangsaeng, Former EDF Scholarship Student 1995-1997

After high school, she took her Bachelor's degree, majoring in English, at Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University.
During that time, she received support from her two kind teachers who provided some tuition expenses, university uniforms, as well as providing moral support relating to her study. Their support further inspired her to study harder until she completed her Bachelor’s degree with a first class honor in 2005.
After graduation, she worked as a teacher and continued her Master’s degree in Education Management. She has now been teaching for over 15 years.
She dared to dream, she worked on it and she made come true.

A photo with a certificate of grade 3 and a photograph of Marigold's master's degree certificate

"In addition to teaching English in the class, I am also the scholarships’ coordinator at the school as well. I am extremely proud of doing such this work. Whenever, I have opportunities to visit students’ houses, it always flashed back my childhood. I thus intend to join offering scholarships to other needy students, the same way I always did receive when I was young.”

Daorueng, while acting as the scholarship coordinator teacher for students

The EDF Foundation is very proud to be a part of forwarding educational assistance from the compassionate people to all underprivileged students in Thailand. The educational opportunity will surely help them grow as a vital force in driving society towards a better future.
You can join the EDF Foundation to help foster the seeds of hope for these underprivileged students so they can grow up to help themselves, their families and other needy people in the society. Let’s help others I you can for the betterment of their future through education.

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