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I Will Fight with My Heart
"Even though my dream seems hard to come true, my heart still endeavours toward it. The obstacles I have encountered along the way will drive me to study hard for my future and my beloved family."

Wissanee, 12, Grade 6, Nakhon Phanom Province
EDF Scholarship Applicant, School Year 2018
Status: Awaiting Lower SecondaryScholarship (Grade7 – 9) 
Wissanee, a student of Grade 6 from  Na Kae District, Nakhon Phanom Province, is one of the poor students that have passed the candidate selection waiting for receiving EDF Scholarship of Junior Secondary School (Year 1 – Year 3) in 2018. Currently, she is living with her grandfather, grandmother and a cousin who is the daughter of her aunt also being under the care of the grandparents. Her parents went to work on construction job in another province. They will come to visit her only 1-2 times a year. The money sent from her parents is hardly enough to support the expenses of the 4 lives in the family. This causes her grandparents to wake up early every day to work on their daily jobs, which could be rubber tapping, grass cutting, or excavating to earn money to support the family and feed all 4 lives on the daily basis.
Wissanee told us, “My school is about 10 kilometers away from my home. Even though there is no tuition fee to pay, there are still many expenses concerning the study such as sports uniform and other activity fees. In some cases, the teachers offered their help. But sometimes I did not have breakfast before coming to school. There were times when I arrived at school and saw my friends having new stuffs such as shoes, student bags or sweaters; I had to restrain my desires inside. That is because I understand very well that my grandfather and grandmother do not have enough money. By having a chance to come to school every day is just enough to make me feel happy”.

Wissanee and the shabby house that she is currently living with her grandfather and grandmother.
Sometimes when I saw my friends eating snacks, I also want to eat the snacks. My friends were so kind to share some snacks for me to eat. But after a few times the feeling of guilt swept over me forcing me to walk away when I saw them eating snacks. I felt like I did not want to disturb their enjoyment with their snacks. When I think about how hard it is my grandparents work, it makes me cry at night sometimes. I always think about the time when our family can be together. I want to greet my father and mother before going to school in the morning. Sometimes I would like to have my father or mother send me to school. I feel great sympathy for my grandparents because they are now at old age and yet have to work so hard. Regarding my study, I always pay good attention to my study. I would like to have high education so that I will have a better life like other good families. My dream might or might not come true. But my heart and my efforts never stop. During the weekends, I will help my grandparents on everything that I can do to help in order to lighten up their load. All the obstacles about my family, my financial situation and my difficult environment will become the drive to my determination to study for the better future of myself and for my beloved family.
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