Jaruwan Seechompoo, a 13-year-old girl called Fhai, lives in Bankerng, Khonkaen province, and is now in grade 7. Despite her poverty, she has been studying hard. Last semester, her GPA was 3.4. She dreams of becoming a doctor, because every time she witnesses the sickness of the villagers, she feels sympathy for them and their suffering. The hospital is quite far from her village, so it’s difficult for the villagers to go there.
There are five people in her family: Fhai, her parents, her younger sister and her grandmother. Everyday, if there is no job, her parents will push along their old self-made handcart to collect paper boxes, bottles and other thrown-away stuff from trashcans. Every day, be it holiday or weekday, Fhai helps her parents to collect these things. When the cart is full, she sells the things at one shop in the village. She gets fifty to seventy baht per cartload and it is spent on food and other things for the five people in her family.

Every morning before walking to school, she first helps her mother to do housework. After school, she rushes home and prepares food for her sister and grandmother, takes care of her sister and does her own homework. She will wait for her parents to come back home, then they all have dinner together.

Not only does she pay attention to her studies and work hard, but she is also very careful with her money. If there is just one baht left from school by the end of the day, she will save it until she has 20-25 baht and then deposits the money in the school co-operative. Every semester she gets interest on the money saved.

“I am grateful to get the scholarship from a generous person. This gives me the chance to further my education. I am in grade 7 this year. If I had not been given this opportunity, my parents would not be able to support my further studies. I promise to spend every single baht from the scholarship in the most economical way and pay good attention to my studies. One day I will become the doctor I have dreamed of.” Fhai told us.

Though a poor girl, she is always filled with love and warmth for her family. Everyone helps to work on everything, takes care of each other and they are always together at dinner time. Sometimes when they haven’t been able to collect enough thrown-away stuff to sell, they will go to bed hungry. However, they comfort each other all the time.

Nowadays, there are many more of these children who dream of having a good life. They wish to study as much as possible so they can stand on their own feet and be able to support their families. If the children are to be out of school because of their poverty, in spite of having the full potential to study, they will end up in the working class and be stuck in the circle of poverty for good.

Today, you can help these children! If even only one child gets a chance to study as long and as much as possible, eventually this child will be able to take care of himself or herself and care for his or her family, and in the end many people will be affected.

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