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Hope in the rice field
I am Kwanchai Kom-Gaew, 12 years old, grade 6 student at Ban Don Sala School, Lah Pattana Sub-district, Na Wah District, Nakhon Phanom province.
I am the second child in the family. My father died unexpectedly a few months before I was born and my mother remarried.  

We live in house made of advertising billboards, scrap metal sheets and dried grass and we wear used clothes worn many times over. We don’t have electricity or pipe water in the house. We use candle light or kerosene lamp for lighting.

Kwanchai and his Mother in front of the house that was built from waste materials
My mother and stepfather completed grade 6 and work seasonal jobs. The earning and job availability are uncertain. Feeding cattle earns 50-baht daily wage or 20 baht per piece for weaving mats. If there is no work, they catch fish in the pond for selling in the village fresh market. Income is never enough sustain my educational expenses.

I do daily chores such as washing the dishes and cooking rice. I also love helping my mother to feed the cattle in the rice field on weekends.

Kwanchai always helps his parents feed the cattles in the filed on weekends
I like physical and health education. I like playing soccer and doing exercise such as jumping rope and boxing.
I want to be a soldier and help protect my country, therefore, I would like to get a scholarship to complete at least grade 9 so that I can have opportunity to continue in to a mililary school. I want being a good boy and giving all my best to do things.


Kwanchai helps with any chores and tasks that he can do at home and school
I really wish I could get an EDF Foundation scholarship to continue to M.1 (grade 7) in the coming school year 2021, and to ease up my family’s financial burden. The scholarship can help me concentrate on studying better by not worrying about dropping out school due to lack of money.
If possible, I wish I could continue to university level so I can get a good job to support my parents. Thank you very much.

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