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A Letter from Nin
Before the new academic year begins in mid-May, EDF would like to share with you a heart rendering story of a primary school graduate named Nin (13). We feel that her story can speak for many poverty-stricken children living in rural areas even today.

There are still over one Thousand EDF student applicants waiting for a chance to get back to school this May. If you are in a position to Help, this is the time!

"Hello. My name is Rossukon Chanda. My nickname is Nin. I am in 6th grade at Bann Nongharng School, Srisaket province.

I'm living with my grandparents, my dad and my younger sibling. My house sits in the middle of a paddy field. It’s a single storey shack walled with woven bamboo strips and roofed by corrugated iron. My house has no electricity so we just use a storm lantern and electricity powered by batteries which I have to go to a temple to recharge. We don’t own any piece of land to plant rice. And we don’t have piped water either so we have to use rain water instead. When we are running out of water, I have to go to the temple to fetch water.

My family is deep in heavy debt and doesn’t have food to eat. So we have to borrow some money from our neighbors in order to buy food. I have to bath in the canal. I often don’t have money to go to school with. My dad is a daily-hired worker and doesn’t earn much. My parents got divorced so my dad has to take care of his children alone. As for my grandmother, she used to help with rice-harvesting and was hired help so that we can pay off the debt. But she can’t do all this now because she’s got leg pains and could neither walk well or stand up for a long time. I would like to carry on studying onto higher level but I know my dad hasn’t got enough money, so I have to understand and accept this situation. He also wants me to study on but he has no means to afford it.

I promised that if I get a scholarship, I will pay attention to my study and be a good girl. I won’t make you and my dad disappointed. I will be a good citizen of society.

(Please have some pity on me.)"
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