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Tao’s First Day at School
Wannida Ulaipong (Girl) , “Tao”, is a 7th grade student at Baansanklang school in Surin province. Tao currently lives with her grandmother in a small, old wooden house that does not even have any windows. They use a rug to keep themselves out of the rain. However, if there is a heavy rain or thunderstorm, Tao and her grandmother would not be able to sleep.


Tao’s First Day at School
Because of the financial hardship, Tao’s father and mother had to leave behind their home to work in a suburb many years ago and never contacted Tao’s family again. Tao’s grandmother, thus, has been the only person who takes care of Tao. Tao’s family does not own any pieces of land and her grandmother’s sole income is derived from cheap labor work. At the end of rice harvesting season, Tao’s grandmother has to take up general physical labor work to earn only a small amount of money to support Tao and other daily expenses. Nowadays, Tao’s grandmother is getting much older and people are less willing to hire her. On some days, Tao has to borrow some rice grains from her neighbors and pick some vegetables that can be available around her house to cook and eat for their survivals.

Tao can afford to bring only 1-3 Baht to school. On some days when her grandmother does not have any money, moreover, Tao would not have any money for lunch at school. On many occasions, Tao’s teacher and friends have to share some of their food with Tao.

Tao mentioned to us “I’ve never received any scholarships at all because I’m not as smart as other people. On the day that my teacher told me that they would consider my application for the scholarships, I was really happy. If I ever received any scholarships, I will never let the sponsor or my grandmother down.”

Even though on the first day of school in this May Tao still has only 1 Baht for food at school, she still hopes that she will one day be able to attend school, with a full stomach and without being any burden for her grandmother.

Your decision to donate to the EDF Scholarship Program today may make a difference to Tao’s life and many other students who still do not receive any scholarships on this first day at school.

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