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Suwee (Priew), 16, Waiting for an upper secondary scholarship, academic year 2022, Amnat Charoen province
Suwee (Priew), 16 years old,
Grade 10, Phana Suksa School, Amnat Charoen Province
Waiting for an upper secondary scholarship, academic year 2022
In the 2022 semester, I am in my upper secondary education. However, my family is poor, so I wrote this letter to the EDF Foundation to apply for a scholarship to continue studying.
I live with my elderly grandfather, my handicapped mother and a handicapped younger sister. My house is an old wooden house. The walls are made of wooden boards and wooden floor. It is in terrible shape as we have no money to repair it.


Suwee is now living with her handicapped mother, handicapped younger sister and elderly grandfather.
After my father died, my uncle became the family's only breadwinner. Unfortunately, my uncle just passed away in a motorcycle accident last year. This made my family's life even more difficult.
My grandfather and mother have to go out to find odd jobs every day to earn money. But my grandfather is very old and unhealthy so he cannot do hard work. As for my mother, she has a disability on her left foot making it hard for her to walk and work at the same time.


Suwee with her handicapped mother and sibling standing in front of the house where they are living together.
Sometimes I could have 40 baht per day to pay for travel expenses and pay for lunch at school. If my mother does not have enough money I have to bring food from home to eat at school.
On weekends and holidays, I work part time tapping rubber and collecting chili to earn money for my daily school allowances. On a very nice day, I could get 100 baht, which made me very happy and it also meant I could lighten up my mother's burden a bit.


Living condition inside Suwee's house
I really want a scholarship to continue my high school studies because my family might not have enough money for me to continue studying. If I could have the opportunity, I would like to complete high school, and even better if I continue on to make a dream come true to complete a university education and be an environmental engineer.
I will use the funds I received to pay for my high school tuition, buy school uniform school supplies and keep it for use as a daily school allowance. I promise to study hard in high school and earn good grades.


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