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Narissara Buangbon

I want to study so much. Studying makes me realize that if my father had the opportunity to study, he wouldn't have to face such hardship like this.

Narissara Buangbon

A teacher from Panasongsawangvit School in Roi Et often has to collect a 4th grader Narisara Buangbon from her home. Each time, she would witness the image of a little girl caring for her paralyzed father, who lies at home, unable to care for himself.
  Narissara Buangbon
Five years ago, Narisara's father, Mr. Ronachai Buangbon, had an accident that severely damaged his brain. He was previously employed at a private company in Rayong and served as the leader of his family of four (a wife and two daughters), the near-fatal accident made him paralyzed and incapable of moving. He was left helpless with only his family to care for him. Worse still, unable to cope with the sudden hardship after the accident, his wife deserted him and the two children.
Narisara's family received help from her uncle Mr. Luan Buangbon, who invited them to live at his home. Despite Luan's support, the family's condition did not get better, as Luan was also a poor physically disabled farmer. The only help that Luan could offer to Narisara's family was a shelter at his home that was already cramped with 11 lives.
Before and after classes, Narisara would wash and spoon-feed her father tirelessly. Ronachai recalled, "When my children and I were in Rayong, one particular philanthropist sympathized how I became unable to care for Narisara. He adopted and took Narisara to a new home in Chantaburi. However, after only 3 days there, Narisara walked over a hundred kilometers from Chantaburi back to Rayong just to be with me. Narisara questioned why I gave her up to other people and asked whether I still loved her. Narisara also mentioned that even if I no longer loved her, she would stay to take care of me and would never leave me."
The tragedy in Narisara's family continued. In 2002, Narisara's sister Saichon Buangbon attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a school building. Fortunately, Saichon's classmates were able to save her life. After this incident, the teachers realized that if Narisara and Saichon continued to live under highly pressured and deprived conditions, they might attempt suicide or other unthinkable acts for ways out again. The teachers therefore dedicated more time and commitment to better caring for Narisara and Saichon's situation.
Narissara Buangbon   Narisara is devoted to her study and to a level that her ability and opportunity will allow her. "I want to study so much. Studying makes me realize that if my father had the opportunity to study, he wouldn't have to face such hardship like this. I have a dream to continue education to the highest level, so that I can obtain knowledge, get a job and earn money to help cure my dad. I will also continue to take care of my dear father until death takes us apart", Narisara wrote.

As a small-figure girl amidst all difficulties, Narisara continues to live her life filled with hopes: an endured hope for a better life and a hope that continues to live for her dear father.
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