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The Day Maswin Will Never Forget

We would like to introduce a story of a girl named “Tuanzorreufah Maswin Adulrus” or “Maswin”.
Maswin is an 11 years old, 5thgrader at the Amanasakdi School in Pattani province, Thailand.

Maswin was born in a Thai-Muslim's family. She currently lives in Tunyonglulo in Pattani’s Muang district with 5 family members comprises her mother, a 15 years old older sister and a 7 and 8 years old younger sister and brother respectively.

Maswin is one of the orphaned students in the 3 southernmost provinces who received scholarship under the “Under the same Sky” scholarship program.

“Ever since I could remember, I had always been happy and felt the love within my family. My dad loved me so much. He was kind. He loved his family and he would always be helping other people. As a result, everyone loved and respected my dad and I was always very proud of him. Dad liked to take us on various trips and I always enjoyed those moments. However, I no longer get to go on those trips like when dad was still alive. My happiness has long gone ever since my dad left me.” This is Maswin’s memory of her dad who had passed away and would never return to her.

Sahaesamaae, Maswin’s dad, was shot by the rebels 4 years ago in the evening of July 10th, 2007. Since then Maswin’s mother, Aruma, has taken whole responsibilities of raising all of her 4 children alone through her only source of monthly income of 3,500 Baht from making chili pastes with a housewife group.

Maswin reminded what happened on that day she will never forget that “Even though 4 years have passed, I still remember that day clearly. That evening my dad took me and my younger brother and sister on a truck to visit his friends at Klongmaning. On the way back, there were rebels on 2 motorcycles who drove up close to our truck and shot my dad in front of me and both my siblings. They repeatedly shot my dad until he stopped moving. I was so shocked and afraid and both my siblings cried. I shouted to the shooters to beg them not to harm me and my siblings. One of the shooters turned around and said “It’s okay.” They then left the shooting scene with their motorcycles.”

Maswin told us her feeling from receiving this year’s scholarship that “Although dad is no longer with us, I still have mom who loves me. I will study hard to make my dad proud and will make the best use of this scholarship. In the future, I will find a good job to support my family and will buy a house for my mom so that we would no longer have to rent.”

The unrest in Thailand’s 3 southernmost provinces started in 2004 and has continued for the past 8 years. There were more than 10,000reported violence incidents, which killed over 4,200 innocent individuals and injured and handicapped more than 7,000 people. Many children have lost fathers and mothers who were heads of their families while many were left with nobody. These children unanimously hope that they would still receive the opportunities to continue their education so that they would be able to help themselves and remaining family members in the future.

EDF hopes that Maswin’s story can help tell the story of hundreds orphaned kids in the 3 southernmost provinces of Thailand. These children still have hopes that they would have the opportunities to receive the educational scholarships some days.
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