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Ajinomoto’s Health & Nutrition Project
From January 24 to 26, 2011, EDF went to 5 schools in Nakhon Ratchasima to follow up their 2nd phases of Ajinomoto’s Health & Nutrition Promotion Project sponsored by Ajinomoto Inc. in Japan. Being implemented for nearly one year the project answers to the needs of lunch supply from time to time for the schools. Produce like partridge eggs (Thai: ไข่นกกระทา), catfish, frog meat, mushroom, vegetables, can serve the school lunch program nutritiously. Added to that students also learned about nutrition from practitioners from local hospital, health centres at the district & sub-district levels which was held once a month. The students realised the importance of exercising as they, everyday, exercised every evening after school or before getting home. Exercises included aerobic with Hula-hoops, Thai-boxing-style aerobic, for instance.
Ajinomoto’s Health & Nutrition Project- 2nd Monitoring Trip in Nakhon Ratchasima
Further to that before the end of the project a contest titled “Little Kids with Good Nutritional Practice”- Thai ประกวดหนูน้อยโภชนาการดี) was added to the program, in which the student participants attended a quiz game about how to make themselves healthy or what to eat to get necessary food nutrients. Besides, many more contests were also organised for the kids; for example, writing essays titled “Good Nutrition”, cooking good food with five nutrients such as fried rice with corn & wheat, spicy salad with mixed herbs, Pot-stewed eggs, to win prizes. The most entertaining event in the contest was the cooking Somtum contest which the participants must have performed good talents in making Somtum and danced while making it!

Everyone on that day was filled with not only good food knowledge but also fun and laughter.

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