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International School Campaign
EDF is a non profit organization for the poor children in the Northeast of Thailand. We encourage international school students to understand and offer their help to those that are unfortunate then them through various fun fundraising ideas. Please contact "EDF Fundraising staff" at or +662-579-9209 to 11  for assistance in the fundraising activities or any inquires about our ‘International School Giving’ Campaign.

- School Field Trips
- Give as You Learn
- Cake Sales
- Present Project
- Other Fundraising Activities


School Field Trips Back to top
Field trips will open up opportunities for international students to gain firsthand experience of real rural northeastern Thai village life, language and culture.
By home-staying and doing development activities with local children and villagers such as school painting, library renovation or walking campaigns, students can better understand themselves as well as others who come from different social and cultural backgrounds. This rare opportunity for personal growth will allow students to develop into open-minded, well-rounded individuals while helping to bring about tangible improvement to impoverished community they visited.

Give as You Learn Back to top
Get your students into a routine of sharing and thinking about unfortunate others as they gives up 10 baht of their pocket money monthy towards any EDF charitable projects of their choice.
We will entrust the EDF donation boxes to teachers who are in charge of participating classes and collect the boxes at the end of the school year.

Cake Sales Back to top
What can be a better bargain: full tummy for your students in exchange of a full year of schooling for poor kids in rural Northeast!
Students can donate the funds raised through their fun cake sales towards the EDF Scholarship Programe and support underprivileged students’ education or even their lunch costs.

BOX of HOPE Back to top
The donation box can be given back to EDF at anytime.

EDF’s donation box with the request from principal and teachers from international school can be placed at your elementary, middle and high school section. Parents can also request the donation box at their company.
EDF would like to thank the following schools for the students, teachers, and parents for the distribution of the ‘Box of Hope.’

1. New International School of Thailand (4)
2. Advent International School (1)
3. Traill International School (12)
4. International Montesori Center (1)
5. Sabaijai International Kindergarden (1)

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program กลับสู่ด้านบน
The IB program a pre university educational program where the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) is required to finish the course. In order to receive the diploma, students needs to finish the requirements for CAS where we are able to come with innovative ideas to assist the students to become involved in the community and learns the importance of giving to other and experience a “real life” experience in how their small efforts can change the life of someone else.
St. Andrew’s International School IB Program has successfully supported us through their cake sales, fashion show, etc. The past June 29- July 2’ 2009 is the IB field trip organized by EDF where international school students learned to adapt and undergo real life experience in activities in the village where their funds have extended a child to continue to be in school.

New International School Student from the IB Program also requested many donation boxes to spread in companies in support of poor children. Also, PR materials were given where the student act as ‘EDF’s voice’ in spreading the cause to other people.

Other Fundraising Activities กลับสู่ด้านบน
A simple rose day can raise enough to support a child through three years of school from Grade 7-9 or even cake sales can buy present for schools bringing smiles on children’s faces.
  • Computer Class: For High school students, they can create their fundraising pages where there will be donation tracker. Those with the highest scores will get a reward from their school.
  • Rose or Bear Day, Gala charity dinner, After school dance party, Valentine day, Christmas event, Sports Day (prizes/sponsorship), Talent show, Father daughter dinner/dance party, Knowledge Bowl and Fashion Show.
  • No uniform day (theme), International Day. Students may choose to pay 10-20 baht in the support of a Lao, Thai or Cambodian students in exchange for wearing anything they like on a regular school day.
  • Events An event can be created in the name of EDF to raise money for the poor. We will assist in organizing the events and provide with the necessary PR materials that can be used at the event
  1. Raffle Tickets- Individual or Companies can donate a product or service as a prize where a portion of the prize can be donated to EDF as the support for a poor child in Isan. This can range from a new TV or even a hotel voucher.
  2. Fun Fair events -Contact us now to arrange for us to set a PR booth in the Fun Fair event where children can participate in doing good community service with our staff. Activity or theme of the booth will be designed to attract visitors like painting faces or hair braiding.

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