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A Girl who never gives up HOPE
Although, Pat or Patcharaporn Pakrut, 11-year intelligent and delightful girl, a 6th grade student from Ban Tham Prik School, Phitsanulok Province, has never met her real father before, but she never feels inferior. On the contrary, it made her to be more persevering  and focusing on study until she could achieve the 1st place in class and got GPA of 4.00 in every academic year since grade 1 - 6.
Pat told us that “My real father broke up with my mother when my mother was pregnant, so, I had never met him. I did not have my father’s name in the birth registration document, but my mother said that it was just the letters. I never felt inferior because I am currently staying with my stepfather, my mother and my little sister. It is a warm family. My stepfather never thought that I was just a stepdaughter. He has raised me since I was 1 year and 10 months old."
Currently, Pat lives with her mother, her stepfather and her half-sister in a thatched shed. Its walls are made of weaved bamboo mat. It was built on a rock ground in the area of Wat Kao Keereewongkot temple which is located on a high mountain in Baan Yang Sub-district, Nakhon Thai District, Phitsanulok Province. There is no electricity. They have to light a lamp at night. And there is no public facility. When there is a rain or a storm, they cannot live there and have to seek shelter in the temple. Pat's stepfather is a daily employee and has unstable income. Her mother is a maid of the temple and has no income. She receives food from the temple for her work instead.


Left: Pat or Patcharaporn, 11 years, with her mother, Waraporn, 45 years
Right: Pat with her half-sister, Praew,8 years
Since Pat is living in the mountain without other same school students living nearby, so, her family has to pay for a monthly rental truck for Pat and her sister to go to school. As a result, in the weekends and holidays, further to helping her mother with chores in house and clean up the temple, she also work part time to earn extra income to help lessen the burdens of her family. Therefore, Pat never has free time to play like other children. 


An old house with thatched roof built in the temple area which located in the mountain
where Pat and her family are living.
Her homeroom teacher, Teacher Worawit, told us that “Pat has the following good behaviors which are “being a good child” by helping parents do household chores everyday, “being a good temple girl” by helping all of the temple's works such as sweeping the temple ground and cleaning ubosot, “being a good student”  by helping all teachers and focusing on study everyday, “being a good big sister” by taking care of her little sister and giving her food to her sister if needed, and  “being a good role model for her friends and juniors” by being elected the student president in the academic year 2015, having leadership and being a good role model for her juniors. Additionally, she also works part-time to earn money to help her family such as cleaning houses or washing dishes.”

Pat always helps her mother with chores and work part time to earn extra income
Other than having good grade, Pat also has academic and sports capability that help promoting school's reputation such as winning the 1st place for Northern Region from the Asean Study Competition 2015, winning the 2nd place from the English-language Asian Quiz Competition 2014,   and winning the 1st place from the Women Football School Network Cup 2014.

A photo of Pat when awarded with first prize of Northern Region in Asean Study Quiz Contest 2015
Pat has a dream to become a teacher because teachers help children to have knowledge and teach them to be good people.  Additionally, she desires to become a teacher in order to teach children in the remote area such as herself so that they will have good knowledge and good opportunity in life.

Pat is loved by her friends and teachers and was elected as a student president
for school year 2015
Teacher Worawit also gave us his recommendation about Pat, “I have seen this girl for 4 years.  She is someone who should be supported in order to become the future and the hope of family, community and country   because she has a good thinking  and good behavior.  She is also a good role model and good at studying. She misses only one thing and that is “opportunity” and “fund” in her education. I do believe that if this girl has the proper support, she will definitely become a good future asset for this country.” 

Mr. Worawit, Pat's homeroom teacher, who always supports her to have a brighter future.
Currently, Pat is preparing for the entrance examination to continue her study in Grade 7 at the secondary school in the district. She never gives up HOPE , but she did not know how long her family could still support her. Thus, she decided tto apply for EDF scholarship in the year 2016 with great “hope” that she will receive the “opportunity” that might become an important “turning point” that may change her life forever.
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