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Korakot, 12, EDF Scholarship Applicant School Year 2022, Khon Kaen province
Korakot, 12 years old
Grade 6, Ban Sang Pan Don Na Phaeng School, Khon Kaen Province
Apply for a scholarship to study in junior high school (Grade 7-9), Academic Year 2022
Sawad-dee krab, my name is Korakot, a grade 6 student at Ban Sang Pan Don Na Phaeng School, Khon Kaen Province
My family is poor. There are seven family members, including my parents, grandmother, elder sister, younger brother, uncle and myself. My parents are farmers with
no regular income. We own only small land to grow rice for the family’s consumption, which is never enough so we have to buy additional rice. To earn more income, my parents have to do various odd jobs around the village, which is still not enough to cover our family expenses.

My house is old and is literally ruined. Pieces of wood had decayed and had fell out because it was just loose pieces of wood and metal sheets put on top of each other, and just enough to shade us under the sun and wind, but can’t keep us dry during heavy rain. The roof and walls have leaks all over.


Korakot and a house was built made of wood and zinc, with nails driven
in to shield the sun and wind.

My parents have many expenses because they need to support the education of their three children. So after school I help look after my younger brother, go to the fields to feed the buffalo and bring the buffalo to the stable every day.
I think I am good student, well-behaved, a bit shy and yet talkative some times.
My teacher appreciates my regular volunteering in cleaning the classroom without being asked, helping carry things for my teacher, helping in the library during my lunch break and participating in various school activities.

During the  online learning program last semester, I did not have a cell phone at home, so I had to ask a friend and study together at their home because I did not want to miss the class and not able to catch up with the lessons.

I especially like art subject because I like to draw and use my imagination. I was once a representative of the Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area Office, Region 2 who competed in the regional students' arts and crafts gliding competition (small plane made of papers). I have been diligently trying to improve my glider making techniques so I could eventually participate in regional competitions.

In my spare time, I like to play petanque and I am also a school petanque athlete.

When I grow up, I want to be a teacher because I saw a good teacher and a role model in school. I believe that putting great effort into something will be rewarded by success.
If I get to receive a scholarship from the EDF Foundation, I will use it for my studies and buy necessary school supplies such as shoes, school bags. I will also help lighten the burden of the family. I want to study higher, as far as university level, but my parents probably won’t have enough money to send me to university. Therefore, I hope that I would like to have the opportunity to continue my study at least in vocational college so I could have the skill to make a living and take care of my parents and support my poor family. 
To my potential scholarship donors, I promise you that I will study hard and make use of every baht of scholarship money wisely and will not waste the opportunity that you have given me.

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