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"Fah's Dream"
“Fah” or Sivaporn Nuang Chompoo , age 16 , now in Grade 9 at Ban Wang Sai School, Wang Sai Sub-district, Pakchong District, Nakorn Rajsima Province. Nong Fah is one of the students who obtained the scholarship from EDF in the level between Grade 7 to Grade 9. EDF has granted the scholarship to her since 2009.

Fah expressed her feeling .while she received her first scholarship when she was in Grade 7 “One day my teacher asked me to see her at her office and told me that I am one of the three students in our school that got the scholarship to complete the Grade 9 level. That evening, I returned home and hugged my grandma to tell her the good news. Then she cried out with joy. Hence, I tell myself I must diligent and be a good girl to all in order to fulfill the kindness to the donators who gave me the scholarship".

Fah has fulfilled her promised, at present her grade point average is 3.73. Her favorite subject is Science. Not only a good grade student, she is also a good volley ball in the school. She is charming and everyone loves her. She is impressed by everyone because she always helps other.

“Fah” Siwaporn Nuan Chompoo, the student who has applied the scholarship for good student but in poverty on the level of Grade 7-9 in the Year 2012

Now Fah is living with her 74 years old grandma. While her mom and dad were divorced since she was in Grade 2. Since then her father has never contacted her anymore. Her mom remarried, and moved to live with her new husband in Khon Kaen Province. Once for a while, her mom will send Bht 1,000 to her grandma.

Although her grandma is in 74 years of age, however she has a very good health. She is doing odd jobs as she does not have her own land. She got about Bht 100 to Bht 200 in daily income up to the type of jobs she works. However, there are not so much jobs for her and she has to save money for the daily expenses. For Nong Fah during the weekends [Saturday and Sunday], she will do some laundry works in the neighbor households and earns some extra money. Partly of her earning, she will save it for her educational expenses. Another part she will ask her grandma to keep it. Grandma will give Nona Fah on daily allowance of Bht 25. – Break down to :  traveling expense for Bht 10.- and the balance of Bht 15.-  is for her lunch at school.

"Fah" (sitting in the middle) and friends during the interview for the granting of EDF’s scholarship for Grade 12 Level

Concerning the question for her dream and her future education. “I wish to be a Science Teacher. I love this subject, because I can enjoy it while studying and the knowledge from this subject can apply to use with the daily life. However, being a teacher one must complete the study up to the university level. I intend to continue my class up to Grade 12. Actually my grandma wishes me to do so, but she is not sure whether she can support me or not. Because the school with grade 12 is located in the town, there are lots of expenses. eg., Traveling Expenses, The Accommodation Expenses, Tuition Expenses and others. Fortunately, I have been informed from my teacher that today EDF staff will come to our school and interview all the students with good grade point average but with poverty to get the scholarship up to the grade 12 level. I am very glad as I have passed for the interviewed, and I hope that I may be granted one more time for the scholarship from the donors.”

At present, there are many poverty students in the rural area who are genius and ability in studying with good grade point average like Nong Fah.  Unfortunately, they are far away in rural area.  This effect to the opportunity for them to get a better educational chance less than those students who are in town as well as loosing their educational for their future to be ended up due to “the poverty”

Remarks: Translated by Mr. Nipone Chinpipat- EDF’s volunteer.

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